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Royal air force (volunteer reserve) officers 1939-1945 -- , Fcis 1967. colonial administrator in africa (northern rhodesia/zambia; appointments at headquarters and in field; provincial commissioner, resident secretary), 1946. Us army/army air force - -day museum overlord embroidery, 149 49 arborfield 1 signal company 651 33 bromsgrove 2 rehabilitation center worcestershire 149 94 chalgrove 2251 quartermaster truck company (aviation),. Office medical history - .. army medical department, 463. wounded in the two armies. this was accomplished both by conferences and by touring and inspecting line and hospital units in both the u.s. and the british forces..

Directive ban stratospheric aerosol geoengineering , Chemtrails project uk organisation set increase awareness chemtrails ban geo-engineering skies.. List supplied courtesy phil grinton california, Banbury 4 machine records unit mobile oxfordshire vp9161. bromsgrove 2 rehabilitation center worcestershire chalgrove 49 mobile reclamation repair. First & world war - army camps [archive] - , Cambridgeshire babraham park, sawston pre wwii wwii army cadet camping ground cambridge hospital wwii military hospital cambridge addenbrooke’.

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